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Vizsla Draadhaar... de jachthond met vele gezichten...

Kyra †, Catou, Aziyze, Tess, Büszke, Glenda, Dylle, Jolie, Gündi, Gyopar en Kate...

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Fényes Varázs Gusztáv (Guus) Clubwinner 2015...!

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After some wonderful days with fieldtrials during the European Cup in Wolphaartsdijk, the Vizsla Club's anniversaryweek was ended with the annual Clubmatch. There Fényes Varázs Gusztáv (Guus) became Best of Breed and thereby ClubWinner 2015! So proud of this result! Congratulations Nathalie and Ruud and thank you!

Fényes Varázs Jiro (Mees) and Fényes Varázs Jolie both received a "Very Promising" in the puppy class. And beautiful Mees defeated his litle sister in the election the best Wirehaired Vizsla puppy. Congratulations Michael and Trudy!